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Services Include

*Free 15 minute consultation

*Initial consultation

*Six-week personalized program includes:

Initial consultation (1 hour) in person, via internet or phone.

Health assessment, review of food journal, lifestyle, supplements etc.

5 follow-up sessions in person, via internet or phone.

Simple recipes and handouts to help you succeed with your dietary goals.

Support and coaching to help you with the dietary and lifestyle changes you want to make.

Email or text access with questions you have (12).


*Renew and Restore On-Line Program is a six week program to reset your body.  It is full of education and empowerment to jumpstart your journey to optimum health.   

*Ultrasound Bone Density Screening:

Personal ultrasound bone density screening with individualized information on how to stop, reverse or protect against bone density loss.  (-In person only.)


*Health Coaching for Gluten Free Lifestyle: Help with learning and implementing a gluten free lifestyle.

Wellness Service: Service
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